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Franee pink flowers sitting down
Hi! I'm Franee!

Welcome to Simply Franee & The Art of Homegrown!


There are a lot of passions in my life that I love to persue & so I decided to start an LLC where all I can share with you my journey and lifestyle of my love of gift giving, personal shopping, youtube channel vlogs, artwork creating, harvesting, and trying to live my most fulfilling homegrown, whole-listic, lifestyle.


Visit my personal shopping tab and let me help you find the perfect gift for those you care for, but feel free to poke around my blog, harvesting and artwork pages and consider supporting me there!Feel like you need Life Lift? Check out my options for how I can help enhance your life! Life is short and I love to live it fully in all areas that make me happy! 


Please reach out and say hello so we can connect together! I’m open to suggestions & any questions!

Drop Me a Line

Awesome! Looking forward to connecting. 

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